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Working with VIVID HR Solutions means joining hands with HR subject matter experts who have your best interests at heart in a cost effective manner. We assure you it will be an investment and not cost.

HR Contract Staffing

VIVID Services is search and consulting firm dedicated to connective people with business with help of human resources professionals.

HR Consulting Services

VIVID Services understands the business decisions values, how it impacts your employees, Directly and indirectly to your firm.

HR Audits

HR Audit of your company with objective to look at the company's HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company.

HR On Demand

We provide service to resolve HR queries for small biz, give you easy access to HR Experts and save your valuable time and money.

Registration & License

VIVID Services will take care of your legal registration of License under The Factories Act.

Other HR Services

We provide all other service, as per clients need in HR Field.

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Contact us for Long term relation to excel your business or just drop "Hello" :)

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Contract Staffing
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How to Grow Your Revenue with Contract Staffing

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Top Five Uses for Human Resource Consulting

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Human Resources Audit
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Why We Need a Human Resources Audit?

Human Resources Audit or HR audit refers to complete evaluation of the current HR strategies and structures within an organization in the context

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ByVIVID Services June 8, 2016

How HR Audit Can Be Beneficial to You and Your Company

An entrepreneur initiates his or her business venture with several dreams. But the changing face of the industry and business organization makes