Services of VIVID Services

HR Contract Staffing
If you are looking for project staffing, temporary staffing or any other HR service, they you at right place. V I V I D Services provide you the all staffing needs. V I V I D Services is search and consulting firm dedicated to connective people with business with help of human resources professionals.

We are here to offer your short term staffing, for project or for temporary replacement for on leave employees or for Try-out basis, VIVID services will fulfill all your staffing needs.

Staffing for Specialty Projects

Because all projects are not created equally, VIVID Services provides you tailored staffing solutions for all your specialty projects. We have team of HR Professionals who will take care of your projects and who will work with you for the entire project.

Temporary Positions

If your staff member(s) is going on long term leave or short period of time or if you want to try new role in your organization, VIVID Services will help you out. We have network of HR professionals who are seeking for short term contracts to provide staff for temporary positions, so you can carry on your business easily.

VIVID Services provide you short term patrolling services for short term staffing of 6 months or even less. As a result, it will minimize your risk, you can avoid pitfalls of independent contractor employment status and you can save money on staffing cost.

our temporary staffing business solutions can help you in

  • Improve Delivery
  • Lower and Control Costs
  • Improve the ROI of your HR Investments
  • Free UP time to focus on strategic HR
  • Reduce Compliance Risk

HR Consulting Services

VIVID Services understands the business decisions values, how it impacts your employees, Directly and indirectly to your firm.  As your partner, we are ready to step in and provide consulting for a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Compensation Analysis & Design
  • Employee & Labour Relations
  • HR Audits
  • Legal Compliance
  • HR Policies and procedures
  • Payroll Management
  • Organization structure design